Rays Gas piping services offers highly professional and efficient servicing of our full range of products using highly experience service engineers. Our clients should expect the following minimum service requirements:
High level of professionalism
Quality products
Business safety solutions
Value for money
Without proper maintenance even the best equipment will deteriorate and you will not enjoy the value for money that you deserve.

With planned preventative maintenance you will enjoy the following benefits:

High level performance and reliability
Uninterrupted monitoring
Minimal faults and downtime
Tailor-made site visits to suit your operations
  Piece of mind

Feel free to enquire about our service contracts.

It is recommended that all our gas detection systems be calibrated every six months. Upon calibration we will issue a calibration certificate for your records. Insurance companies require annual calibration of gas detection systems to prove effective protection of staff and property
Risk Assessment
Amongst other things our role is to promote safety and legal compliance in the gas industry. In our risk assessment we determine the value of risk related to your current situation and recognized hazards. We focus on two key components, namely the magnitude of the potential loss and the probability that the loss may occur.
Feel free to contact  to do a risk assessment for all risks associated with flammable and toxic fuels or gases.
Gas Training

Human error is the greatest cause of gas leaks and incidents. The OSH Act requires staff to be trained as to the exposed hazards and emergency action to be taken in such events.Rays offers basic gas handling courses to general staff and advanced legal compliance gas training to management.

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